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It was the time of December 2018 when we decided to go on a trip to Vashisht. We’ve earlier heard about this place from a friend of ours who is an avid traveller and explorer. As much excited as we were for our adventure, there was an element of surprise waiting for us.

We first entered Manali and did lots of amazing shopping from the mall road present there. It was too cold but all worth it for the views, people, food and clothes. The cafes were amazing with delicious food and interiors. Clothes were authentic and obviously had a perfect “pahadi” feel in them, especially when it comes to pyjamas, they were so colourful and indie. Manali also has number of temples which had great legends and stories attached to them. It was so cold that everyone was fully covered up, we rarely found anyone without cap, scarf or shawl.

People are really helpful and kind in Himachal Pradesh. They helped us with finding proper routes and famous spots to enjoy. Later, we took an Auto for Vashisht. Vashisht is a small village located around 3 km from Manali across the River Beas. With Auto, it hardly took around 15-20 minutes.

Now, Let’s come to the amazing experience of Vashisht.

As soon as we entered the main market of Vashisht, we got this huge lively feeling never experienced before. It’s a cute small village with so much beauty and peace. The shops, hotels, hostels- all were adding colours to the already beautiful place. Mountains were huge, snow-covered top, shining bright as if silver has been painted to them by the moonlight.

We stayed in Hotel Bhrigu which is majorly constructed and decorated out of wood and since it was an off season, so the prices were quite low. Moreover, stay at Vashisht is cheaper than Manali. Our hotel had the finest view from the balcony, also it was super cosy, clean and comfortable. The manager was friendly and helped us with every query and need.

We had a wonderful dinner in one of the small cafes- Chauhans. We went on rooftop with the view of mountains to have our food. Also, the famous French bakery made our day by serving the most delicious donuts ever! You can find number of tourist and inhabitants of that place sitting together here, talking, playing chess, guitar, singing and having great times of their lives.

Later, we went to Vashisht Temple which is the main attraction spot of all the travellers. Here, you can find Hot Water Spring which is just as refreshing as it sounds. Most of the people take their first morning bath here, it just gives new energy to your body and spirit, also the energy surrounding the temple gives you mental peace and harmony. Outside the temple you can find ladies holding cute bunnies asking you to take a picture with one for Rs.10. Also, there were many shopkeepers convincing us to buy blankets or we must say “sparu”, but don’t ever fall for this one, it’s just a scam.

Vashisht is not majorly known by many. However, you could find number of foreigners staying there. Indians mostly come to just pay a visit at Vashisht Temple and then they leave for Manali to stay. The shops get closed by 8pm.

Next day we decided to explore more, so, we went further on a small trek that lead us to a mesmerising waterfall. It was so enchanting and cold! The air and views surrounding there could give you a whole glimpse of what Vashisht really is. A small village with an unknown yet so homely vibe. A place primarily of Vashisht sage and munis who have surely blessed it with their spirituality and Godliness.

We stayed in Vashisht but during daytime we used to go Manali and come back while walking and sometimes a small trek, by using the pathway that is present ahead of Manali starting from a lane made between mountains and rocks.

Beas River, near Manali in Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

The nights have been just as beautiful as days. Utter peace, sweet breeze and start-studded sky and hills. A really well-maintained and quite place where you can be sure of ethics and laws at ay time of day. Vashisht can be defined as a place which most of the people don’t want to share about since they fear with the idea that more popularity or crowd attention to this place can bring disharmony and ruin the pure beauty of it. But here we are sharing it with you, asking you to go and explore the mystery, with a hope that you will cherish, respect and be mesmerised by the sheer experience of life here.

We know how important it is to spend some quality time in adventures, wilderness and peace just because what was meant to be our natural surrounding has now become a luxury of a vacation. We understand that though you have zeal and passion to have such trips, you are scared and a bit lethargic to know the whole process, conveyance and plan. No one can ever escape from the need of thrill that heart wants, but only few actually realises it. We want you to join those “few” because we are here to solve your every obstacle and be your trusting guardian.

TBC Travel Group- a company that’s working really hard and enthusiastically to provide its customers with the best suit of service. We will make your every hectic trip into the most comfortable and unforgettable one. With our team of professionals, we constantly make sure to excel beyond your expectations.

Join “TBC Travel Group” to have the deserving experience, a feeling of nirvana!



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