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Amidst the magnificent mountain ranges and lakes, Lahaul and Spiti carry within themselves great mysteries and legends. Those who have visited this destination have definitely felt another spiritual journey happening in their soul. A place filled with monasteries has a reason for the same. Though, one can find many monasteries at other tourist places but this one stands out, undeniably.

Everyone has a story to say when they pay visit here, either they have experienced it or they’ve heard it from the inhabitants. What’s the truth can only be felt and that which is felt makes transformation in every way.

  1. Mummy of Sangha Tenzin

Once upon a time, in Spiti valley, in a village called Giu, a great epidemic occurred. Also, with the loss in trading the inhabitants got really disturbed with all the outcomes. Everyone was worried and depressed; they went to the monk named Sangha Tenzin. Sangha Tenzin listened to the chaos occurring and so he started fasting. Fasting for the rain and removing every misery from the land. His fast carried on till his last breath.

And it is said that the village had rain and a rainbow appeared when he died that further removed scorpions from the town.

Since then, people have mummified his body as a way to pay respect. The monk himself has asked for his mummification. The “mummy monk” is present with the same meditative posture with which he died during fasting.

  1. Flying Horse

The myth behind the route of Rohtang Pass- Gyapo Gyaser.

Gyapo Gyaser, a king who with a riding horse gave a Loud energetic blow winds with a whip and the mountains created a path for him to pass. That’s how the route of Rohtang Pass got made. The people of Kullu and Lahaul could still feel the splendour of that wind blow.

  1. Tabo Meditation Caves

The caves of Tabo are known for being meditative spot. Utter silence and darkness of these caves are best for every spiritual experience. Those who go there with a mind as relaxed as a mountain can feel huge wave of ecstasy down his spine. Monks spend most of their times there. Many have in fact decided to become a monk once they come about from those caves. There’s no story as to who first explored these caves or started the practice of meditation there. However, now it has become quite a popular spot in the area.

  1. Footprints of Padmasambhava

It is said that those who are enlightened, have realised God within themselves. They do not follow any God instead they become one itself. These people have a totally new perspective on religion and spirituality. The words for them could be many – Godman, Messenger, Angel, Alien or Master/Guru.

Ever wonder why most of the spots get turned into holy places after a visit of such being to that place?

The answer is that the aura of their presence and touch could bring godliness at that area. Wherever and whenever an enlightened one passes through, he/she changes the whole energy around. This is the only reason people convert those spots into temple/monastery.

Nako is a small town found in the journey through Lahaul and Spiti known for the footprints of Padmasambhava. Padmasambhava, the one who has known the unknown and lived it.  The one who has seen beyond and carried that vision within himself. The one who is worshipped by every pilgrim. Hence, Nako has become the most spiritually energised place for self-realisation and divine.

Buddhist prayer flags (lungta) in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

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