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How do you define something that you can just feel?

For example, when anybody asks about defining love, what will you say?

Some will say it’s the smile of a child, a lover telling you she’ll be there all your life, a father clapping for her daughter’s first prize, a mother holding her baby by her side.

And that’s where you will find love, but what does it feel like? What’s the definition?

So, you see the most enchanting experience of life can never be defined through words. There exist feelings, deep profound feelings that have no words.

The same happened with me when I first time visited the Himalayas during my first trek experience.

First of all, Himalayas are beyond our expectations. Way beyond. I remember looking at those huge mountains and feeling a sudden silence all over my body. It was magnificent and yet so quiet that I sometimes wonder what that feeling has tried to convey to me.

But you know, it is stupid to ask the reason. There is just silence, just a need to merge with the one. You’ll only realize when you are in contact with a natural environment and Himalayas in itself is the God of all.

It was at night when we got exhausted from all the climbing and arrangements of our tents. We finally decided to have rest on a big rock lying just at the end of the land. It facing in front of those appealing snow-covered mountains.

While we were all together on that giant rock we discussed our hilarious incidents of life. There came the moment of complete peace and ecstasy when everyone laid down and started stargazing.

If I have to use one word for that experience, it would simply be “MAGICAL”, because that’s exactly how it was. It was as if we were finally HOME. I looked up at Stars and then at my friends’ eyes when I got to know that the science is right. Those-Up there and here-all of us, are all made of stardust.

And still, after saying it all, I’m not satisfied with telling you guys my love towards the Himalayas in a better way. It’s something that you’ll have to experience, no written text or documentary can justify its beauty.

That’s why I have decided to stay connected to “TBC Travel Group” for long-term. Since they have made my first experience of Himalayas the most wonderful one. I am now looking forward to more of the trips organised by them. I have sincere gratitude and love for all the members of TBC Travel Group and I wish them good luck for their coming endeavours.

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