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Ancient history and settlement.

The presence of neolithic and megalithic cultures was revealed from the archaeological site of Burzahom which is 10km from Srinagar.

King named Pravarasena II established a new capital named Pravarapura which according to Kalhana’s was found in a cultural text of 12th century, it appears to be similar as the modern city of Srinagar. Ashoka had earlier established Srinagiri as mentioned by Kalhana that he described in hyberbolic terms with 9,600,000 houses filled with wealth.


Ancient history and settlement.

Srinagar is located on the both side of the river Jhelum called Vyath in Kashmir. Jhelum river flows through the entire city through the valley further strengthening the Wular Lake. Nine old bridges are connecting two parts of Srinagar.

A wetland called Hokersar is located near Srinagar where number of migratory birds arrive from Siberia and other regions during winter seasons.