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Ancient history and settlement.

Leh was a crucial spot on trade routes along the Indus Valley lying between Tibet to the east, Kashmir to the west and also between India and China for centuries. Leh Palace, the royal palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal between the period when the Portuguese Jesuit priest, Francisco de Azevedo, visited Leh in 1631. However, they didn’t mention it. Sengge Namgyal’s died in 1642. Leh was drastically damaged by the sudden floods caused by a cloud burst in 2010.


Ancient history and settlement.

Mountains prevail the landscape around the Leh as it is at an altitude of 3,500m. The main passing roads include the 434 km Srinagar-Leh highway which joins Leh with Srinagar and the 473 km Leh-Manali Highway which further connects Manali with Leh. Both of the roads are open only on a seasonal basis. However, the available roads from Srinagar and Manali are often not allowed to be used.


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